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Our Products

  • Luxury Rigid Box

    Luxury Rigid Boxes can change the look and feel of the thing being stuffed inside. This Rigid boxes are organized and made for our customers the entire route over the globe. The innovative arrangement and fresh look, joined with the UV and fluorescent printing therefore pulled in customers.

  • Rigid Box

    The rigid box is an outer bundling compartment that encounters age and movement in the three-dimensional structure. The grandness of this compartment lies in its strength, it doesn't fold like a falling holder, and the heap up used is on numerous occasions thicker than mono holders.

  • Gift Box

    We are a chennai based Gift Boxes producer and supplying to customers of south india. The impeccably organized Presentation Gift Boxes, which we are advancing improve the heavenliness of the Gift boxes. All our Gift boxes are hand made and have the brilliant rich look.

  • corporate Gift Box

    Giving you the best extent of corporate chocolate box, corporate gift boxes, corporate event, set with practical, fortunate conveyance, size, shade or style, you can pick a corporate gift box that suits the thing inside .

  • Rigid Packaging

    The rigid boxes we make are made of fine paperboard and are best decision for bundling. Paperboard is otherwise called chipboard is thick paper and a perfect crude material for boxes.

  • food packaging

    Our primary clientele for food packaging boxes are restaurants, hotels, eateries, pastry kitchens, lodgings and inexpensive food chains. We make the food packaging with nourishment safe material which will keep the food warm.

Our Services


We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of various Packaging and Gift Wrapping products. Made of quality paper, these are widely used in printing and packaging, corporate, banking, hotel industry.

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Card Board Gift Boxes, Sweet Boxes, Wedding Invitation Cards, Wedding Sweet Boxes, Corporate Gift Boxes, Gift Boxes, Key Chain Boxes, Momento Boxes, Paper Gift Boxes, Pen Gift Boxes, Saree Boxes, Jewellery Boxes,

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We maintain the quality standards of our Packaging and Gift Wrapping products. For this, we have framed a quality paradigm which is based on the industrial standards and client’s requirements.

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Our Clients are belong to various industries like printing and packaging, corporate, banking, hotel industry and small scale sector. Moreover, our wedding cards and gift boxes are also widely appreciated by our individual clients.

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To ensure that varying consumer’s preference is being catered, we provide our clients with Packaging and Gift Wrapping products which can be customized as per the requirements detailed by them.

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We varanaa industries are well equiped with the latest packaging machineries. We update the technology in the packaging industry more frequently to keep our skill to meet the latest packaging trend.

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